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Max supply: 777,000,000
Contract Address:

Max supply: 777,000,000
Contract Address:

How to buy $PUPF?

Download Phantom or your wallet of choice from the app store or google play store for free. Desktop users, download the google chrome extension by going to phantom.app sollet

Have SOL in your wallet to switch to $PUPF. If you don’t have any SOL, you can buy directly on Phantom, transfer from another wallet, bridge from any chain, or buy on another exchange and send it to your wallet.


How to buy $PUPF?

Download Phantom or your wallet of choice from the app store or google play store for free. Desktop users, download the google chrome extension by going to phantom.app sollet

Have SOL in your wallet to switch to $PUPF. If you don’t have any SOL, you can buy directly on Phantom, transfer from another wallet, bridge from any chain, or buy on another exchange and send it to your wallet.

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$PUPF Tokenomics

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Introducing PuppyFrog & Friends

Bursting with the enchanting allure of Pokemon and the irreplicable charm of Tamagotchi, PuppyFrog is the ultimate fusion of your childhood delight and cutting-edge blockchain technology. Dive into a world of play, growth, and rewards, triggering a wave of nostalgic engagement. It's more than just a game, it's a revolution.

How It Works

PuppyFrog brings you an immersive gameplay experience wrapped up in cutting-edge blockchain technology. The heartwarming charm of Tamagotchi fuses with the dynamic world of Pokemon to present a unique Pet-to-Earn model. Here’s how you participate in this fascinating universe:

  • Step 1

    Step 1

    Buy PUPF

    Kickstart your PuppyFrog journey with PUPF, a dynamic token trading on Solana. Plunge into a new realm of virtual pet gameplay by purchasing PUPF tokens, your ticket to compelling blockchain-based adventures.

  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Adopt or Birth a Puppyfrog

    The magic unfolds as soon as you adopt or give birth to your PuppyFrog. Each PuppyFrog is a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token), possessing distinctive traits and capabilities. Start caring for your adorable pet and unlock the exciting possibilities of this Tamagotchi-like universe.

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Pet & Train your Puppyfrog

    Engage in a seamless bonding process with your PuppyFrog. Pet it, teach it new tricks and prepare it for the engaging world of PuppyFrog. The nurturing process plays a significant role in enhancing your pet's abilities and is pivotal to your blockchain gaming experience.

  • Step 4

    Step 4

    Participate to Challenges and Battles to Earn Money

    The fun amplifies with PuppyFrog's challenges and battles. Participate in this captivating gameplay and put your pet's training to the test. Competing offers thrilling gaming experiences and the chance to earn real rewards, reinforcing PuppyFrog's Pet-to-Earn model.

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PuppyFrog - Currency of Happiness


Welcome to the transcendental world of PuppyFrog (PUPF), an exciting crossroads of virtual pets, blockchain technology, and collective play. Recollecting the charming nostalgia of Tamagotchi and the immersive adventure of Pokemon, PuppyFrog pioneers an unparalleled Pet-to-Earn gaming model.

Constructed on the robust Solana and Gnosis chains, our ecosystem unveils various opportunities to interact, nurture, and evolve with your personal PuppyFrog. Engage with your pet in highly captivating 3D cartoon visuals. Feed your PuppyFrog with $TREATS, enhance its skills, and embark on an exhilarating journey together.

Embrace an array of opportunities, stake your PUPF & PUPS, mint distinctive NFTs, and immerse yourself in the dynamic world of PuppyFrog. This is not just another game. Enter a thriving ecosystem filled with immeasurable excitement and rewarding experiences.

Join the PuppyFrog community and set sail on this blockchain revolution, a place where nostalgia meets innovation, and virtual pet care translates into tangible rewards.

About PuppyFrog

PuppyFrog (PUPF) is an innovative venture in the blockchain field, harmonizing the beloved aspects of virtual pet games with the groundbreaking prospects of decentralized finance and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Built on the Solana and Gnosis chains, PuppyFrog embodies a delightful fusion of fun gaming and serious crypto economics.

PuppyFrog's inspiration originates from cultural phenomena like Tamagotchi and Pokemon. With PuppyFrog, we have adopted these influences and uplifted them to fit into the blockchain era, introducing the exciting concept of Pet-to-Earn.

PuppyFrog aims to redefine the boundaries of gaming and finance. By interlacing these worlds, it cultivates a platform where users can relish the joy of nurturing a pet and reap tangible rewards from their interactions. Come and experience the new 'currency of happiness.'

Core Concepts

PuppyFrog Uniqueness

PuppyFrog is a uniquely designed platform that brings to life a range of unique and mystical creatures differentiated by their sizes, vibrant costumes, and magical items. Each PuppyFrog's journey is distinct, teeming with exciting discoveries, transformations, and opportunities for the user to shape their pet's course.

Tamagotchi and Pokemon Influence

Inspired heavily by Tamagotchi and Pokemon, PuppyFrog endeavors to create a connection between users and their virtual pets. akin to the relationships evolved in Pokemon, PuppyFrog provides an evolving relationship as you help your pet grow, unlock new skills, adding more depth and engagement to the experience.

3D Cartoon Visuals

A defining pillar of PuppyFrog is its dazzling 3D cartoon visuals. Our platform leverages state-of-the-art graphics to animate the lively PuppyFrog universe, brimming with whimsical characters, varied landscapes, and immersive gaming worlds.

Pet-to-Earn Model

At the heart of the PuppyFrog platform lies the innovative Pet-to-Earn model. This distinctive approach permits users to earn $TREATS and additional rewards solely by interacting with their PuppyFrogs. This model intriguingly remixes traditional gaming dynamics, fusing pet ownership with rewarding gameplay, transforming 'play' into a fruitful venture on the blockchain.

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Nurturing Your PuppyFrog NFT

As you nurture and care for your PuppyFrog NFT, it not only grows in size but also improves its skill sets. This growth isn't merely aesthetic. Your PuppyFrog's performance in competitions and battles, such as Beauty Contests or P2P Fights, hinges on the care you bestow upon it. Winning these battles and contests could earn you crypto prizes, making a direct, tangible benefit of the time spent with your virtual pet.

Socializing in the PuppyFrog Ecosystem

An integral part of the PuppyFrog growth journey involves making friends within the PuppyFrog ecosystem. Participating in social activities strengthens your PuppyFrog's social skills and adds to its overall growth narrative.

Yield Farming $TREATS

When you stake your PuppyFrog NFT, it starts cultivating $TREATS. These $TREATS can then be fed to your PuppyFrog, further supporting its growth and development. As your PuppyFrog consumes more $TREATS, it becomes more skillful and valuable.

Enhancing the Value of PUPF & PUPS Tokens

$TREATS are not the only currency in the PuppyFrog ecosystem. The platform also uses PUPF & PUPS as tokens to purchase upgrades, special items, new PuppyFrogs, their friends, and lands. This dual currency structure fosters a virtuous cycle, with growing demand for $TREATS helping spur the market for PUPF & PUPS tokens, thereby creating a positive impact on overall tokenomics.

There is a slow inflation mechanism incorporated with $TREATS to make them more game-friendly and volatile. On the other hand, PUPF and PUPS tokens, valued on their utility and demand, tend to retain their value. Together, they create a diverse, vibrant, and sustainable economy within the PuppyFrog ecosystem.

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PuppyFrog Animation

PuppyFrog NFT

Player vs Player (PvP) Interaction

Battle it out with other PuppyFrogs in real-time or asynchronous player vs player engagements. Use your PuppyFrog's unique skills and abilities to overcome challenges and opponents. Individual performance and the outcome in these battles can yield rewards like $TREATS and different accessories for your PuppyFrog. The PvP system is an excellent arena to test your disciple's training and strategy, putting your PuppyFrog's skills against different opponents!

PuppyFrog Marketplace

The PuppyFrog universe offers a dynamic marketplace for members to trade their NFTs. Here, you can buy and sell unique PuppyFrogs, their accessories, or even $TREATS, creating an active economy fueled by user engagement. The marketplace uses a safe and secure transaction model, putting the utmost priority on user security and trust. So, whether you're on the hunt for a rare PuppyFrog or looking to pass on the mantle to a committed caretaker, the marketplace is an ideal platform.

Ecosystem Governance

In the PuppyFrog world, it's not just about ownership; it's also about contributing to the ecosystem. Holders of PuppyFrogs have governance rights, influencing major project decisions through voting or proposing changes. The game, thus, evolves not only passively through algorithms but also actively by the decisions and inputs of its community.

Your Journey Awaits

The PuppyFrog NFT game provides a balance of fun-filled interactions and profitable strategies, offering an unparalleled blend of gaming and NFT experience. The game's dynamic and ever-evolving element ensures that every interaction becomes a part of your unique story with your PuppyFrog. Step into the world of PuppyFrog NFT, where creativity, strategy, and rewards await. Your unique journey with your PuppyFrog is but a mint away!

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PUPF & PUPS Tokenomics

Allocation of Tokens

PuppyFrog has ingeniously designed a strategic and sustainable allocation of PUPF and PUPS tokens to ensure the platform retains its robustness and longevity.

  • LP Pools: 25% of the total token supply is permanently locked in Liquidity Pools (LPs). This allocation is pivotal for the stability and security of the system, rendering PUPF and PUPS as reliable assets for potential investors and token holders.
  • Pinksale: 20% of the total token supply is reserved for the Pinksale to help adoption.
  • Airdrops: 5% of the total token supply is reserved for airdrops to accelerate usage and spread happiness
  • Teams: 10% of reserved for team allocation
  • Marketing: 10% of reserved for Marketing
  • NFT Game Incentives: 20% of the tokens are cordoned off to NFT game incentives. These incentives form the driving force behind the Pet-to-Earn model, promoting user engagement and nurturing the vibrant PuppyFrog community.
  • Exchange Listings: 10% is designated for exchange listings. This allocation ensures visibility, access, and liquidity of PUPF and PUPS on major exchanges.


PuppyFrog NFT pricing varies significantly depending on the respective network, either Gnosis or Solana, due to their unique network attributes, operational costs, and user behavior. Currently, PuppyFrog NFT price on Gnosis stands at 23B, while on Solana, it's marked at 23,000. These prices account for the intrinsic value that each of these NFTs holds in their respective blockchains and the rarity of their attributes.

Importantly, PuppyFrog follows the principle of organic on-chain demand to determine price dynamics. Unlike traditional methods, PuppyFrog emphasizes a genuine demand for NFTs within its network, ensuring a fair and sustainable economy closely tied to the community's active engagement within the platform.

Max Supply

A critical element of PuppyFrog's tokenomics strategy is the stipulation of maximum supply caps for both PUPS and PUPF tokens, maintaining scarcity and consequently their value.

  • PUPS Max Supply: PUPS tokens, on the Gnosis chain, have a max supply cap of 777,699,669,699,001
  • PUPF Max Supply: PUPF tokens, on the Solana chain, have a max supply cap of 777,000,000 This scarce supply is promising to preserve PUPF's value in the long run by ensuring a balanced supply-demand equation.

Utility of PUPF & PUPS Tokens

Both PUPF and PUPS tokens represent more than just a form of transferable value in the PuppyFrog ecosystem. They serve as the fundamental driving force that enables users to interact with the world of PuppyFrog and elevate their gaming experience.

PUPF & PUPS for NFT Minting: The PUPF and PUPS tokens are integral to the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the PuppyFrog universe. They serve as a critical resource required by members of the PuppyFrog community to mint unique NFTs, each characterized by their vibrant designs, enchanting abilities, and embedded with rich lore.

Special Item NFTs: PUPF and PUPS tokens also play a crucial role in acquiring special item NFTs in the PuppyFrog universe. These rare items, which come in a wide array of aesthetic designs and potent abilities, serve to enhance the capabilities of your PuppyFrog, providing it with unique advantages and characteristics that distinguish your pet from the rest.

With their dual utility in minting unique NFTs and acquiring special item NFTs, PUPF and PUPS tokens truly epitomize the perfect MemeCoin economy. They promote user engagement, enforce token circulation, and maintain the vibrancy and dynamism of the PuppyFrog universe, shaping up to be an integral part of the booming meme coin trend.

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Explore the comprehensive details of the PuppyFrog ecosystem. Code: 777

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Project Roadmap

Outlined below is a tentative roadmap showcasing the key stages of project development and future milestones for PuppyFrog:

  • Q2 2024

    • ● Official launch of the PuppyFrog platform
    • ● Introduction of PuppyFrog NFT minting
    • ● Integration of $TREATS feeding mechanism
  • Q3 2024

    • ● Launch of the Pet-to-Earn game model
    • ● Introduction of walking and evolving skills features
    • ● Start of PUPF & PUPS tokens staking
  • Q4 2024

    • ● Rollout of exclusive NFTs: Creature Friends and Special Treats
    • ● Introduction of LP pools and game incentives mechanism
    • ● Token exchange listings
  • Q1 2025

    • ● Launch of Community events and challenges feature
    • ● Enhancement of 3D game environment and visuals
  • Q2 2025

    • ● Expansion of PuppyFrog universe with new maps and creature types
    • ● Integration of player-to-player cooperation and competition mechanisms
    • ● Further scalability and security improvements for a seamless gaming experience

Mint, Pet, Play, Battle, Buy, Sell, Stake, Earn

Puppyfrog is the most happiness-focused ecosystem.

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